CourBritt Genes

…an overview of my family history

1930 Photo Journey

Photographs taken by my Grandfather, Wes Courtney, when travelling from Victoria to Queensland 1929/1930.

Wes Courtney on Queensland Border_1930
Wes Courtney on the Queensland border

War Memorial, Bright, Victoria
War Memorial, Bright, Victoria

Top of Mt Hotham
Top of Mt Hotham, Victoria

Near Omeo
Near Omeo, Victoria

View at Bega
Bega, New South Wales

The Camp 2

The Camp 1

Parliament House
Parliament House, Canberra, NSW

NSW Border
At the New South Wales border

Hunter River
Hunter River

Gippsland 1

Getting oil
Getting oil!

Coastal View Queensland
Coastal View, Queensland

In need of a wash
In the need of a wash!

Buchan Caves
Snake! – Buchan Caves

Byron Bay Butter Factory
Byron Bay Butter Factory

Mt Talbingo
Mt Talbingo, NSW


Near Mudgee
Near Mudgee, NSW

Tom Ugly's Point
Tom Ugly’s Point, NSW

View of Buckland Valley
Buckland Valley, Victoria

Nowra Bridge, NSW


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